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Why partner with Eurofins Agrigenomics for your next breeding project?

Benefit from our range of tailored, high throughput genotyping solutions to help you achieve your goals faster, for less.


Solutions for animal breeder

Animal genotyping services


Solutions for PLANT breeder

Plant genomics services


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Aquaculture genetics services

Our Solutions for Plant Breeder

Plant genotyping with Agrigenomics services

DNA marker discovery

Identify key marker-trait associations in your breeding populations using our range of discovery platforms, including whole genome sequencing, reduced representation library sequencing (GRAS-Di) or high density microarrays. Our Agrigenomics bioniformatics teams can help with marker selection for downstream applications. 

Marker-assisted selection

Our flexible range of genotyping platforms can accommodate any level of complexity for marker-assisted selection strategies, with no compromise on accuracy, and with the speed required to make rapid breeding decisions.

Our NGS-based and qPCR-based solutions are robust, flexible and deliver your data at very low costs.

Microbiome and metagenomics

Unravel the complexity of plant-microbe interactions with our NGS-based Agrigenomics solutions for metagenome analysis.

Plant genomics services

Our Agriculture lab is an asset for your crop breeding project

Eurofins Plant Genotyping Services
Our Solutions for Animal Breeder

Animal genomics with Agrigenomics services

Animal genotyping solutions

Genomic selection

Our Illumina platform and Thermo Fisher Scientific microarray platforms are optimised to service the high throughput and rapid turnaround times that the livestock genetics industry expects.

Our state-of-the-art array facility scales to meet the needs of the most demanding throughput projects. Our Lean-optimised processes seamlessly integrate automated DNA extraction platforms for processing of a variety of sample types.

Be ahead of your competition and work with us to develop your own custom SNP array. Our Agrigenomics experts can assist you with every aspect of the design process.

Marker-assisted selection

We utilise a flexible range of genotyping platforms to offer solutions for any type of Agrigenomics projects on marker-assisted selection. Benefit from high accuracy and speed of data delivery to support breeding decisions.

Our qPCR-based solutions and NGS-based solutions solutions provide high adaptability and reliability of data.

Parentage testing

Our gold standard, industry accredited STR-based parentage verification services are complemented by the flexibility to design SNP panels for any species of interest, enabling lower cost and higher throughput testing for the livestock industry.

Our Agriculture lab is an asset for your livestock breeding project

Eurofins Animal Genomics Services
Our Solutions for Aquaculture Breeder

Aquaculture genetics with Agrigenomics services

Marker discovery

We have solutions for even the most challenging of species, including complex, polyploid or poorly characterised genomes. Our expert  bioinformatics teams will help you to find the best approach for your Agrigenomics project needs.

Breeding and selection

Access the growing range of catalogue microarray designs for aquatic species, or consult our design team to create a custom array solution. Multi-species arrays can drive down costs by consolidating Agrigenomics projects, as well as offering unparalleled flexibility.

Pathogen screening

Intensive aquaculture farming demands robust pathogen detection strategies. Our expertise in qPCR assay development and scalable testing capacity are ideal for meeting the needs of this rapidly developing Agrigenomics industry.

Aquaculture Genetics Services

Our Agriculture lab is an asset for your aquaculture project

Eurofins Aquaculture Genetics Services
Access genomic data enabling better decisions

We guide you to the right Agrigenomics solution

Plant breeding services

Plant breeding services

Livestock breeding services

Livestock breeding services

Pet and sport animal testing

Pet and sport animal testing services

Our long-standing expertise and track record in the field of Agrigenomics enables us to provide you with
the most suitable end-to-end service solution for your project.

Eurofins Genomics works closely with our world-leading analytical sister divisions Eurofins Food and Eurofins AgroScience to offer an unparalleled range of services catering to the broader agri-food industry.

Free consulting

Speak to our Agrigenomics experts about ideas

Our team of Agrigenomics specialists can advise and assist you with your project and
will deliver the best end-to-end service solution to meet your needs.


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Eurofins Genomics is a trusted brand around the globe

Eurofins genomics is a trusted brand around the globe

We cooperate with renowned organisations, ranging from small to large-scale enterprises to provide ‘best-in-class’ genomic services to both established and new and emerging Agrigenomics markets. Scientists around the world recognise and trust the Eurofins brand for our reputation for quality, timeliness and efficiency. We host only industry-leading platforms for DNA extraction, genotyping, sequencing and related genomics applications.

Eurofins Genomics is a trusted brand around the globe
Eurofins Genomics is a trusted brand around the globe
Eurofins Genomics is a trusted brand around the globe
Eurofins Genomics is a trusted brand around the globe
Quality is our middle name

Work with a fully certified Agrigenomics partner

ISO 17025 certified

ISO 17025

Guaranteed confidentiality and integrity of testing data.

Testing results are recognised by authorities and customs, etc. for the release of pharmaceuticals and food and feed, in the case of legal implications.

ISA GLP certified


Full traceability of GLP study data.

GLP compliant archiving of study data and records.

Full compliance with GLP regulatory requirements (OECD, EMA, US-FDA, US-EPA).

GDPR certified


All data is stored and processed on German servers.

We do not share data with third parties.

Only necessary data is requested.

Customer data is stored using the most advanced security tools.

Your dedicated Agrigenomics Expert

Frédéric Antigny, MSc, MBA

Senior Director, Agrigenomics Market Europe at Eurofins Genomics Europe

Articels and webinars

Application of Agrigenomics solutions

Article: Microarrays accelerate blue biotechnology to the next stage

How do genomics applications facilitate aquaculture projects and support breeding decisions? What are the challenges in blue biotechnology and how are microarrays applied in solving issues in breeding, disease resistance and environmental adaption?

Find the answers at | The DNA Universe BLOG


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