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Take Your Testing to a New High

Authenticate, Innovate, Differentiate Your Cannabis & Hemp Products Using DNA

Take Your Testing to a New High

Authenticate, Innovate, Differentiate Your Cannabis & Hemp Products Using DNA

Welcome to a new era of testing …

Unique DNA testing solutions for the Cannabis industry

Cannabis testing solutions are becoming more diverse by the day. Current testing solutions analyze a vast array of traits and molecules in hemp and other kinds of cannabis derived products. These could include cannabinoids, mycotoxins, terpenes, heavy metals, pesticides and residual solvents for example. However, what is mostly missed off standard testing offers is DNA. We have comprehensive DNA testing solutions that can help with authenticating the strains that are grown, maintaining and selling uncontaminated products, tracing contaminations through facilities and breeding new strains.

Innovate your Cannabis breeding based on DNA genotyping & screening

Strain Genotyping & Breeding

Set yourself apart from the rest of the field through science-based plant innovation: This is made possible by the world’s largest and most comprehensive SNP chip. We partnered up with Medicinal Genomics Corp. (MGC), a pioneer in harnessing cannabis genomics, to introduce a next generation high-density SNP chip for the cannabis and hemp markets. This allows you to take your business to the next level through innovative strain genotyping & breeding.
What can I use it for?

  • Cannabis & hemp genotyping
  • Breeding cultivars with specific chemical profiles
  • Disease resistance screening
  • Research for discovering new quantitative traits
  • Breed for compliance – our SNP chip can help you breed for strains that meet certain THC regulations, such as the new USDA <0.3% THC regulations
The chip allows you to analyse

  • Trait specific markers: 39 cannabinoid genes, plant sex, chemotypes (I-IV), and disease resistance
  • Population frequencies, Bt:Bd allele coverage, heterozygosity, and the relatedness to other cultivars (through the Kannapedia database)

Authenticate your Cannabis and hemp strains to maintain the highest quality

Strain Authentication

There are currently thousands of different cannabis strains globally, each having unique molecular profiles. Using Next-Generation Sequencing technology, we can now compare your strains based on their specific DNA code and therefore inform you whether you are growing or selling your desired strain.

Identify the microbial community in your samples

Pathogen Detection

Classical microbiological screening normally looks at a handful of microbes at any one time. However, the cannabis plant notoriously attracts a large host of pathogens. Non-targeted screening of such populations would allow you to not only identify the entire microbial content, but also potentially assist you in tracking how they change over time. Our microbiome profiling utilizes Next-Generation Sequencing – a highly sensitive identification method – and is able to compare against thousands of organisms. The result is a report with all the bacterial species present.
Standard specifications:

  • Identification/classification of microbial populations by 16S rRNA & ITS sequencing
  • Sequencing on MiSeq instrument with 2 x 300 bp
  • Sorting of reads according to indices & data delivery
Advanced bioinformatic analysis:

  • Chimera filtering & read merging
  • Picking of Operational Taxonomic Unit (OTU) representative sequences
  • Taxonomical assignment & abundance estimation for all OTUs

Identify and track sources of contamination

Pathogen Traceability

Whole Genome Sequencing (WGS) has been globally accepted as the most accurate, high resolution method to identify pathogens. Given the greater strain discrimination compared to more traditional methods, WGS is capable of helping you identify sources of contamination and decide which sanitary or preventative checks need to be improved. Combining the genomic information with data such as the date and place of findings can help track down contaminations prior to any affected products reaching your end consumers.

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Reliable and validated analytical methods

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