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Trace Your Premium Meat Products from Farm to Fork

DNA SourceTracker: Next Generation Meat Traceability

Trace Your Premium Meat Products from Farm to Fork

DNA SourceTracker: Next Generation Meat Traceability

How do you stand out against your competition?

In times of global supply chains and a rising demand for food authenticity among consumers, your business is under more pressure than ever. What you do and how you do it matters to your customers. This goes for your production methods as well as for the effort you put into securing the highest quality and authenticity.

You have a premium meat product that claims a certain feature on the label (e.g. organic, from a defined origin or farm, associated to a meat organisation) and you want to re-check its whole production chain? DNA Source Tracker can help you to control your label from animal to supermarket. How? By utilizing the most advanced DNA-based tracing method: next-generation sequencing. To find out more, scroll down.

Why DNA SourceTracker?

By integrating the DNA SourceTracker workflow into your QC, you are going to

Trace your meat product with the highest precision in the market – back to the individual animal it came from.

Eliminate adulteration and food fraud by gaining visibility and control over your global supply chains.

Protect your brand, whether it is „premium-cut“, coming from a specific source, or part of a specific organization.

Create brand loyalty by reassuring your customers of your commitment to being a responsible provider.

Reduce tedious and inefficient processes and paperwork documentation.

Do it all at a very competitive price.

How does it work?

Frequently Asked Questions

What is next-generation sequencing?

Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS), also known as high-throughput sequencing, is a massively parallel DNA sequencing technology that allows for the analysis of samples and systems at a level that was never possible before. NGS machines can sequence large samples more cost-effectively than traditional methods, and in the process also generate more detailed genomic information.

For which animal species can this service be used?

DNA Source Tracker is mainly offered for premium products from beef and pork. For sheep and goat product sourcing, please contact us.

When, where and how are the samples taken for the database generation?

The sampling can take place either in the slaughterhouse during the slaughter process (swabs, but also tissue, blood, or hairs are possible) or at the farm during ear-tagging. For the latter, special ear-tags are available that automatically conserve the punched tissue. Other sampling points can be discussed if necessary.

What are the related costs?

The costs for the generation of the customised database (DNA profiling of all relevant animals) amounts to only a few additional cents per kg meat related to the end product.

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ISO 17025

ISO 13485




Reliable and validated analytical methods

Want to know more about how to trace your premium meat products with more precision than ever? Then get in touch with us.


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