The DNA Universe

Reach for the stars – we are glad to assist you! Welcome to our Solution Space. Whether your mission is Sanger Sequencing or NGS, qPCR or Cloning, CRISPR or Gene Synthesis … we have explored all corners of the DNA universe for you. Let us be your mission control. Let us guide you on your way to discover the answers to the big – and small – questions of life. Start your journey now!

What does mankind know about the DNA universe?

The fact that you are reading this means that you are among the select few who know about the mysteries of the DNA universe and the elements of life. These elements are made of small molecules that cannot be perceived by the human eye – sugar molecules, nitrogenous bases, phosphates, nucleotides, oligonucleotides, nucleic acids – yet they play the biggest role imaginable in the evolution of our species and the habitation of our planet. We at Eurofins Genomics have explored the limitless possibilities of the DNA universe in order to make it accessible to you. For every one of your genomics needs, be it in research, diagnostics, pharma, agriculture, food, or biotechnology – we have the the solution. Start your journey now!

The DNA universe in numbers

Light travels 300,000 kilometers per second – which is also the number of orders we processed in 2018. And while we don’t quite achieve the speed of light, we still set the industry standard when it comes to the speed of our genomics products and services. Our NightXpress Oligos are just one example. If you asked us to explain the dimensions of the Eurofins Genomics DNA universe to you, we would probably do it like this:

In 2018, we …

  • produced 1.6 million oligonucleotides with 50 million bases
  • synthesized 12,000 genes with 10 million bases
  • did 6 million Sanger sequencing reads
  • offered more than 10,000 custom solutions
  • processed 300,000 orders


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Wherever you want to go – we’re there to navigate you

There are many planets in the DNA universe that are worth a visit. It all depends on your mission. Where do you want to go? Below you will find some of the most interesting planets in our Solution Space. If you don’t find your individual application represented, just contact Mission Control and tell us about your challenges. We will find a way to solve them.

Sanger Planet

Benefit from the smartest Sanger sequencing solutions for your DNA samples premixed with primers in tubes or plates. Or rely on our optimised protocols for GC-rich sequences, hairpins and inhibitory secondary structures. In a hurry? Accelerate by booking our NightXpress option for the fastest turnaround times possible.

NGS Planet

To many, next-generation sequencing sounds like rocket science. But it’s not. We offer NGS for newbies. And we do it economically even for a single sample. Whether you want to sequence whole genomes, exomes, microbiomes, transcriptomes, metagenomes, or cancer genes… NGS will take you to the next level.

qPCR Planet

qPCR, and in fact most other genomics applications, would not be possible without oligonucleotides. We offer a complete portfolio of oligos for your applications: standard primers and fluorescent probes, sequencing primers, cloning oligos, and NGS-grade oligos. Did you know that our NightXpress Oligos are delivered in less than 24 hours?

Gene Synthesis Planet

From short double-stranded fragments to optimised gene sequences, complex genes, and complete gene libraries: Any double stranded DNA sequence can be synthesised de novo. Receive brand-new synthetic genes in just six days. Make time your best friend – we will find the correct clone for you.

Genotyping Planet

If you are like us, you are fascinated by the uniqueness of life that shows itself in the tiniest genetic variations. Welcome to our genotyping services! Our genotype, SNP, mutation, and DNA marker analyses are applied in clinical studies, food authenticity, livestock/plant breeding and forensics.

Contact Mission Control

You don’t have to conquer the DNA universe alone – let us assist you! What parts of your journey are you struggling with? Just click on the button and ask us anything. Mission Control will get in touch with you.

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