The DNA Universe

Reach for the stars – we are glad to assist you!

Welcome to our solution space. Whether your mission is qPCR, CRISPR, genotyping, cloning, gene synthesis, NGS, or Sanger sequencing … we have explored all corners of the DNA universe for you. Let us be your mission control. Let us guide you on your way to discover the answers to the big – and small – questions of life. Start your journey now!

What does mankind know about the DNA universe?

The fact that you are reading this means that you are among the select few who know about the mysteries of the DNA universe and the elements of life. These elements are made of small molecules that cannot be perceived by the human eye – sugar molecules, nitrogenous bases, phosphates, nucleotides, oligonucleotides, nucleic acids – yet they play the biggest role imaginable in the evolution of our species and the habitation of our planet. We at Eurofins Genomics have explored the limitless possibilities of the DNA universe in order to make it accessible to you. For every one of your genomics needs, be it in research, diagnostics, pharma, agriculture, food, or biotechnology – we have the solution. Start your journey now!

Reach for the stars – we are glad to assist you!

Discover the DNA universe at full speed

Light travels at 300,000 kilometres per second. And while we don’t quite achieve the speed of light (yet), we still set the industry standard when it comes to the speed of our genomics products and services. Our NightXpress Oligos are just one example. No matter your destination, you are going to get there faster with Eurofins Genomics. Fasten your seat belts and get ready to accelerate your research!


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qPCR: The constellation that fuels your chain reactions

qPCR, and in fact most other genomics applications, would not be possible without oligonucleotides. We offer a complete portfolio of oligos to fuel your applications: standard primers and fluorescent probes, sequencing primers, cloning oligos, and NGS-grade oligos. Did you know that our NightXpress Oligos are delivered within less than 24 hours? Below are just a select few of our solutions. For a full overview on all things related to qPCR, visit our website.

qPCR Primers

This is where the journey starts. Prime your spaceship for what’s ahead. It won’t take off without these essentials.

qPCR Probes

How do you expect to navigate in the darkness of the universe? You can’t. Unless you use fluorescent probes.

MGB Probes

It’s not always a Major who leads the mission. For gene expression & SNP genotyping, you need Minor Groove Binders.

Synthetic Genes

Every qPCR mission needs a positive control. Synthesize your target genes and create your own control plasmids.

CRISPR: The place to be for genome editors

The spreading of CRISPR/Cas9 as a standard tool in laboratories all over the planet happened at what feels like the speed of light. Mankind turned this component of the prokaryotic immune system into a means to edit genomes more precisely than ever. Bacteria use it to defend against virus infections. Humans use it to potentially eliminate some of the most horrifying diseases from the surface of the Earth, or to find new solutions to pressing agricultural challenges. Where will it lead us?

sgRNA (single guide RNA)

When you explore the universe, a guide is always a good idea. Start your journey with our single guide RNA now!

Fragment Length Analysis

Want to differentiate successful insertions/deletions from wildtype sequences? Just analyse the fragment length.

Amplicon Sequencing

Always stay on target: INVIEW CRISPR Check will help to analyse the introduced mutations at on-target and / or off-target sites.

Cloning: Where you find a new host for your genes

Imagine taking a snippet of genetic code from any terrestrial life form and inserting it into another host’s genome. That’s the process of cloning in a nutshell. What once sounded like science fiction has become a staple in molecular biology over the past decades. It’s not about whether it is possible anymore. It’s about whether you have a clear vision of how to conduct your experiments and where to find all the cloning supplies you need. Looks like the constellations are aligned in your favour…

Cloning Oligos

Not all oligos are created equal. For cloning, you need a special breed to considerably increase the number of correct clones.

Synthetic Genes

Got a sequence for a specific gene that you need to get synthesized? Look no further – you’ve come to the right planet.


Non-complex sequences delivered as double-stranded DNA ready for cloning – offering you a stellar cost advantage.

Sanger Services

You haven’t fully achieved your cloning mission until you’ve verified your experiment’s success by Sanger sequencing.

NGS: Home to future generations of life scientists

Be honest: When you hear next-generation sequencing, does out-of-this-world technology spring to mind? Do you think that NGS is light years away from your lab’s reality? Many of our customers used to think that way. Until they booked their first eye-opening flight with us. What they found was: The step to NGS is much easier and much more newbie-friendly than you think. And it gives you unprecedented insights into many of life’s best-kept secrets. Ready to take on a new perspective?


Experienced astronauts in need of a little more flexibility (or power) will find this modular custom solution very useful.

Transcriptome Sequencing

What if the answers to your questions were not to be found in DNA, but RNA? This INVIEW service is what you need.

Microbiome Profiling

If you are curious about the microbial communities populating our universe, this INVIEW service is for you.

Genome Resequencing

INVIEW Resequencing was built for you. A ready-to-order NGS service allowing you to seqence known genomes up to 180 Mb.

Contact Mission Control

You don’t have to conquer the DNA universe alone – let us assist you! What parts of your journey are you struggling with? Just click on the button and ask us anything. Mission Control will get in touch with you.
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