The effect of genes drug response


Achieve optimum therapeutic effects and avoid unwanted side effects

Phamacogenomics (PGx) is the study the effects of gene on a person’s response to drugs.

Drugs do not affect everyone to the same degree. 90% of the top-selling medications only help 30-50% of the patients treated. The reason are single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) that lead to varying enzyme activities, different phenotypes and adverse drug reactions.

Millions of people affected by

Adverse drug reactions

Millions of people are affected by adverse drug reactions (ADRs) every year:

  • ADRs are the most common cause of hospitalisation
  • ADRs are the fourth or sixth leading cause of death (depending on the western country)
  • ADRs have a major impact on healthcare costs

Comprehensive and pre-emptive PGx screening within the framework of the health systems could reduce this cause of death by 34%, saving tens of thousands of lives and billions in costs.

Depiction applications utilised for biomarker discovery
Microarrays – The effective pharmacogenomics solution

Complete & easily implemented cost-effective pharmaco-genomics solutions

The use of Global Screening Arrays (GSA) for pharmacogenomics analyses introduces cost-effective solutions with fast return of investment that will have a major impact on human health. It allows for optimised personalised medicine: Selection of the right medicine at the right dosage for better individual patient outcome and societal value.
Embracing the Pharmacoscan platform by Thermo Fisher Scientific provides a cost-effective, innovative solution for pharmacogenomics studies. This technology assures a prompt return on investment, with the potential to significantly enhance human health. Pharmacoscan, Pharmacofocus and PMDA focus on personalised medicine and serve as a cutting-edge pharmacogenomics platform, thus improving individual patient outcomes and delivering greater societal value.
Pharmacogenomics solution

By Eurofins Genomics Denmark, the largest genotyping facility in Europe

Our comprehensive portfolio that includes all Thermo Fisher and Illumina microarrays stands out by reliable turn-around times, large biobanking capacities and strict confidentiality for every project including intellectual property protection.

Our sample-to-answer process provides convenient solutions:

Global Clinical Research Arrays and enhanced pharmacogenomics

We combine Global Clinical Research Arrays (GCRA) and enhanced pharmacogenomics to provide the most accurate and comprehensive PGx platform on the market today.

Our solution covers:

  • 100% of CPIC genes of priority level A and B.
  • Over 6,000 variants from globally recognised PGx databases, incl. PharmGKB1, CPIC2,
    PharmVar3 and ClinVar4.
  • Over 44,000 genome-wide PGx markers spanning more than 2,000 pharmacogenomic targets.
  • Targeted gene amplification (TGA) step: accurate genotyping of critical genes like CYP2D6, CYP2B6 and TPMT.
  • Accurate CNV calling of seven important pharmaco-genes including CYP2D6.

Eurofins Genomics offers sample collection kit manufacturing that fits the logistic setup and local regulative landscape

We reliably supply CE IVDR 2022 accredited kits and logistics to end user or health care providers.
Eurofins can produce sample collection kits based on customer specifications in local languages complying with local regulation.

Example for provided kits:

  • Custom kit box
  • Overpack wrapper box for custom kit box
  • Let’s begin booklet
  • Saliva container / Buccal swap
  • Snazzypack specimen bag
  • Return mail bag
  • Barcode label sheets
  • Integral paper
  • Return to sender label
  • Return shipping Label (UPS)
  • Stamp label

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