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Protect Your Products Against Food Fraud & Adulteration

DNA AuthenticityTracker: Food Authenticity Testing You Can Rely On

Protect Your Products Against Food Fraud and Adulteration

DNA AuthenticityTracker: Food Authenticity Testing You Can Rely On

Do you know what you are really selling or buying? How secure is your supply chain?

Whether it is horse meat labeled as beef or expensive spices adulterated with cheap or even harmful material – there are ongoing issues due to food adulteration in the market. More than ever, end consumers lack trust in our food’s authenticity. Therefore, it is essential for you to reassure consumers as well as industry customers that the products you deliver are authentic and trustworthy. In order to do that, you need to check raw materials and ingredients from your suppliers, too.

Eurofins offers the possibility to detect mislabeled ingredients and end products throughout your entire supply chain. Using various DNA-based detection methods, we can authenticate a wide range of food products including different kinds of meat, fish & seafood, plants, and spices. Don’t take risks. Take full control over your products‘ authenticity.

Why DNA AuthenticityTracker?

By integrating DNA AuthenticityTracker into your QC, you are going to

Accelerate your QC by using the Eurofins Food network with its large testing capacity (thousands of samples per day) and short turn-around times of only 72 hours.

Gain absolute clarity on whether or not your raw materials or products have been subject to adulteration.

Protect your brand by minimizing costly recalls and detecting adulteration before your products hit the shelf.

Additionally, you can benefit from the largest food testing laboratory network in the market, offering a complete portfolio of food testing services beyond just DNA. For example, we are also able to test for food authenticity by ELISA (detecting proteins instead of DNA). Furthermore, we have laboratories specialised in detecting food contaminants, drug residues, pesticides, etc. Don’t hesitate to ask us questions on any other food-related testing service you might need.

What kind of authentication tests does Eurofins Genomics run?

We have been pioneering DNA-based analytical technologies for food testing to improve the safety and authenticity of our clients‘ food products for over 10 years. We offer the following (non-exhaustive) list of DNA-based testing methods:

  • Genotyping tests for meat traceability and several plant varieties
  • Specific real-time PCR or FLA tests for more than 10 meat, up to 11 fish, and several plant species
  • Barcoding tests for species identification for land vertebrates, fish & seafood, plants & mushrooms
  • Next-generation sequencing for the identification of all species of the above categories in mixed samples

How does DNA-based food authenticity testing work?

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Reliable and validated analytical methods

Want to know more about how to confirm your products‘ authenticity? Then get in touch with us.


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