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Environmental DNA Analysis, Monitoring & Traceability

eDNATracker: Monitor the Environment with Next Generation Technology

Environmental DNA Analysis, Monitoring & Traceability

eDNATracker: Monitor the Environment with Next Generation Technology

Discover more with state-of-the-art DNA analysis

How environmental DNA analysis has revolutionized ecological research

The understanding of DNA’s behaviour in the environment goes along with the rise of powerful analytical methods like Next-Generation Sequencing. This has enabled researchers all over the world to push the boundaries of their fields. It is now possible to detect large numbers of species within a single sample – and the sampling requires little to no human interference in the environment. Hence, eDNA helps us find answers to countless exciting questions.

Biodiversity / Conservation monitoring

  • Species surveillance and mapping
  • Detection of invasive, elusive or endangered species
  • Targeted / non-targeted monitoring and mapping
  • Detection of harmful species, microbes, pollution
  • Ongoing monitoring over time


  • Contamination surveillance and mapping
  • Pathogen detection and monitoring
  • Microbial monitoring in parallel
  • Antimicrobial resistance monitoring in parallel

Eurofins eDNATracker: Smart solutions for your environmental research

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Non-targeted detection of organisms / species

Our INVIEW Microbiome and Metabiome analyses will help you find out what species are present in a mixed DNA sample. This is extremely useful when you do not know what you are expecting to find in a sample.

Targeted detection of organisms / species

Quantitative real-time PCR (qPCR) is a cost-effective, highly specific targeted method giving semi-quantitative estimates for a selection of species. If you know what you are looking for, this might just be the easiest way.

Why eDNATracker?

This is how you’re going to benefit from our eDNATracker service


NGS-based monitoring is much faster than traditional methods. DNA sequencing can be done in days versus taxonomy methods that have a turnaround time of months to years.


Whole genome sequencing, PCR and NGS methods make sure that your findings are accurate, allowing you to detect even single base variations in a genome.


You have control over how targeted or non-targeted you wish your environmental DNA analysis to be. Using NGS technology, we can identify mixtures of samples easily.


Contrary to what you might believe, environmental DNA analysis is very cost-efficient. Get in touch with us to learn all the details about the pricing of this unique service.

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Reliable and validated analytical methods

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